2017 Player Payments

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17U Elite|Gold|Silver|Blue|Scholarship

This store allows you to pay for your travel ball team. Find what team you’re on, add your payment to the cart, and check out. You can pay by check or credit card (PayPal). If you are paying by check, please select “Pay By Check” after you “Add to Cart.” This will let us know that your check is in the mail. When your subsequent payments are due, please return to this page and make the payment by the due date. Pay-In-Full is for those people who want to make a One Time Payment to cover the entire cost. Please also fill out the Player Info & Medical Release Form if you haven’t done so already.

17U Elite Team Payments – Click “Add to Cart”

Gold Team Payments – Click “Add to Cart”

Silver Team Payments – Click “Add to Cart”

Blue Team Payments – Click “Add to Cart”

Scholarship Payments – Click The Image

Use this link to input the payment amount you have worked out with FBF.