California Warriors Alum Of The Week – Devin Pearson

The California Warriors Featured Alum of the Week is Devin Pearson, the former California Warrior who went on to play at UC Berkeley before embarking on the newest development in his exciting baseball career. While his playing days are behind him, Devin has found a way to stay around the game – instead being the talent on the field, it is now his job to find the talent. As a member of the Red Sox amateur scouting department, Pearson will pour over tape and data to help build a strong Minor League system for the Red Sox. “This job was a no-brainer for me,” Pearson said. “How cool is having an office in Fenway Park and being involved in baseball? It’s a perfect fit.” Congrats to Devin, we’re looking forward to watching his career in baseball continue to flourish!

The following video was created the summer of Devin’s senior year of High School, prior to entering UC Berkeley in the fall.