California Warriors Fall Ball

The California Warriors Fall Ball season began September 15th with its first practice on Saturday and game on Sunday. All the players and coaches were thrilled to have the opportunity to continue playing baseball in the Fall, and their enthusiasm showed up on the field during the first practice on Saturday. The players were hustling all over the field soaking up every tip they received from coaches Nic Banaugh and Mike Firenzi.

The magic of Warriors Fall Ball doesn’t exist in the number of wins and losses the team tallies in the season, but rather it lives in the development of better teamwork and the enrichment of a player’s individual skill. Coaches Banaugh and Firenzi are hoping to connect with each player personally in order to assure that their players all move on and succeed at the next level. With high levels of competition each week, the players will be given many opportunities to develop more offensive and defensive confidence. Judging by the amount of passion exhibited on the field by both the coaches and players it is obvious that the California Warriors Fall Ball Season is already a great success.

Although Fall Baseball has already started, we are allowing players to sign up on an ongoing basis.  If you are interested in joining The Warriors Fall Ball Team, please visit our Fall Ball Teams page.