Cal Berkeley Career Fair Shows True Excellence

Today we traveled from our offices in Mill Valley to the Cal Berkeley Summer Internship Fair. The storm outside was fierce, local streets were flooded and the blustery freeways felt dangerous and stressful. At several points in our eastward journey we wondered, “Is this seriously worth the trouble?” As we sat over wine and thumbed through the resumes and e-mails we collected, excited about the students and the possibilities of working with them, we decided the answer was a definite “YES!”
The recruiting event was well organized and the students we met were overwhelmingly enthusiastic and competent. The First Base Foundation left with a file full of resumes and several sheets of email addresses. We deeply connected with several people, and as a flexible and growing non-profit, we practically hired several people right then and there-we figure we can work out the logistics later this week.
UC Berkeley is an institution we hold close to our hearts, and we look forward to enriching our relationship as we move forward. We would like to thank UC Berkeley for the opportunity to meet so many of their incredible students, many of whom we hope to work and grow with. Weather permitting; we will definitely be back next year. Thanks again to the whole Cal Berkeley family, especially the Career Center for putting on such a great event!

Kern's Korner: Devon Zenn @ COM

John Kern

On a hot Saturday in February, College of Marin played its second game of the season against Hartnell. College of Marin started out very well, scoring two runs in their part of the first half.  Both pitchers were throwing in the high eighties, but Hartnell’s pitcher did not seem to have much control.  He threw many balls.  Hartnell countered with two runs of their own, but it was all downhill from there.  Devon Zenn produced two big hits, providing momentum to College of Marin. I ended up leaving in the seventh inning, but College of Marin was winning seven to two.  College of Marin’s pitching was clearly superior to Hartnell’s, but neither team hit a home run.  There were about forty people in the stands, watching a game dominated by singles.  I learned while watching this game that runners on second did not usually score on a single, unlike the MLB, where the runners on second usually score.  Overall, College of Marin looked like a better team than Hartnell, dominating throughout the whole game, and finally winning, 10-3.

BAW Alumni Taylor Gamboa Throws No-Hitter

The College of Marin baseball team couldn’t have asked for a better start than what they got from its two pitchers to open the season after no-hitting Hartnell College in a 10-0 win on Thursday. Bay Area Warriors Alumni, Taylor Gamboa, threw eight innings while striking out six and walking six for the Mariners (1-0) before Dino Christiani went the final inning to close out the no-hitter.  Click here to read more about this great game.

Kern's Korner: Tryouts

John Kern

Recently, I watched the Bay Area Warriors tryouts. Although I only saw the hitting, I still got a good sense of what it was like.  Coincidentally, I had my baseball tryouts at Marin Catholic on the same day.  During the hitting section of the Bay Area Warriors tryouts, the pitcher threw the ball very hard, but most hitters managed to make contact.  Everyone trying out wore a Warriors uniform.  At my tryouts that afternoon, it was pouring down rain.  Everybody was soaked, cold, and tired.  When the people hit, they swung late, making the ball go foul.  I think that part of this was that our muscles were tense because of the cold rain.  From what I saw, the tryouts at Drake for the Warriors had much less waiting around.  When you weren’t hitting, you were shagging balls.  At my tryouts, you waited in the dugout for your turn to hit, hit, and waited for the next drill. Overall, I think that the Warriors tryouts were more organized and well-run.

Baseball Tryouts Huge Success

Everyone gave their best effort

On Saturday January 29, we had tryouts for the Bay Area Warriors 17U and 19U baseball teams. We appreciate all the support and enthusiasm for our teams. Based on the turnout and talent on the field, we know this summer will be a winning season. Within the next two weeks, our roster will be finalized and all who tried out will be sent their evaluation forms. Again thank you very much to the parents and players who made this all possible.

Softball Tryouts a Success!

Last Saturday, the Bay Area Warriors drew young athletes from Sonoma to Pacifica to its first women’s softball tryout. It was a beautiful day on the College of Marin field, and the talent of the players was incredible. Coaches Amanda Hoj and Nicole Hartfield provided players with valuable instruction and critique on their skills. We received a lot of positive feedback on the coaching staff and instruction level, and by the talent we saw on the field this weekend we know we will have a great season. For players who could not make the first tryout, we are happy to announce a second tryout on May 14. Hope to see you there! For more information on the team and coaching staff, please contact

17u Tryouts set for January 29th @ Drake High School

The First Base Foundation is excited to announce the official tryout for this summers 17U Bay Area Warriors Baseball team.  Coached by Mike Sansoe, the current College of San Mateo hitting coach, this elite team will consist of 25 players from throughout California.  Tryouts will be held Saturday January 29th from 9:30am to 11:00am at Drake High School in San Anselmo, and will include a tryout fee of $30.  These tryouts will be open to the public, but as aforementioned the final roster will consist of 25 young men competing in the CABL Junior Division. To sign up for tryouts call 415-388-7023.

The summer season will begin May 25th and run through August 7th, with the Warriors already scheduled to compete in the following tournaments.

–    Zoots Tournament June 17th-20th
–    Lodi Tournament July 1-3rd
–    San Leandro Dodgers Tournament July 26-31st

Additionally, any player not included in the final roster will be given an evaluation form with pointers to improve your game.  Please contact with any questions.  We look forward to a great summer!

6th Annual Sunday Basketball League

Bay Area Warriors

Thank you for participating in our 6th Annual Sunday Basketball League.  I hope everyone had fun and feel better prepared for the school season. Thanks again to EHHCC for hosting us. The Ducks won the 2010 Championship over the Mavericks to join the Roll of Champions listed below:
2010  Marin Ducks over Mavericks
2009  OLM Bulldogs over Warriors Gold
2008  EHHCC and SFDay Co-Champions
2007  Hamilton Rec over Warriors Gold
2006  Hamilton Rec over Warriors Gold
2005  Hamilton Rec over Kings of Cali
Note last year we had multiple alumni of the League make the All-League Teams in the AAA, BCL and WCAL.  The SF Chronicle Player of the Year was also a League alum.  In 4 years it will be fun to see how this years group matures as ballers and young men.

17U Baseball 2011 Tryouts

The Bay Area Warriors are in the process of putting together our 2011 summer roster.  Tryouts for this team will be held on January 29th, 2011 at Drake High School in San Anselmo, CA.  The final roster will consist of 25 players from throughout Northern California who will participate in CABL Junior Division.  We are scheduled to compete in the Zoots Tournament as well as the Lodi Tournament, with additional tournaments being looked into currently.  More information regarding this 17U Baseball team will be updated in the coming weeks.  Contact njackson@firstbasefoundation with any inquiries.

19U Baseball 2011 Tryouts

The Bay Area Warriors are in the process of putting together our 2011 summer roster.  Tryouts for this team will be held on January 29th, 2011 at Drake High School in San Anselmo, CA.  The final roster will consist of 25 players from throughout Northern California who will participate in the CABL Senior Division.  We are scheduled to compete in the Gladiator Invitational tournament, The Curt Daniels Invitational, The Phil Singer West Coast Summer Series, as well as host the Johnnie Baker Fathers Day Tournament.  More information regarding this 19U Baseball team will be updated in the coming weeks.  Contact njackson@firstbasefoundation will any inquiries.