Keep Playing Baseball: A Great New Resource for HS Ballplayers

Check out this great new commercial-free resource for high school baseball players who want to play baseball in college at any level, with or without athletic scholarships!


Here is a note from KPB Co-Founder, Ethan Guevin:

“We created in memory of Scott Heinig, a young high school coach and former Division I pitcher who passed away in 2011. Scott was dedicated to helping high school players to succeed and have the opportunity to play baseball in college. Scott’s family, friends, and former teammates thought that a website could be used to continue this effort. All of the information here is provided free to anyone who wants it. Keep Playing Baseball does not accept any advertisements or commercial funding. This website is supported entirely by the donations from Scott’s friends, family, community, and others who stepped forward to support youth baseball.

All of the content on our pages comes from those who know best how to improve your chances to play college baseball, more than 55 active and former players from all levels of college baseball. The players participated by answering surveys, participating in interviews or focus groups, or writing content. None of the participating players received compensation of any kind. They chose to help us because they love the game of baseball, want to encourage you to keep playing, and because they are the best kind of teammates. Because of NCAA rules, the names and images of active players will not be used. Instead, we are using stockphotos for most of our images. When we use quotes from active players, we’ll tell you their position, level of college baseball, and state where their college is located. is not part of any recruitment efforts of any school, location, division, conference, or level.”