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“Always a Warrior” VIDEO

September 7, 2012 | 0 Comments

Warrior alum, Colin Cotter’s chosen career path would not lead you to think he also works with a baseball organization.  As a professional, touring musician, Colin works part-time for the First Base Foundation, squeezing workdays in between gigs.

Colin began his relationship with the First Base Foundation in 2005 as a player, and continues that relationship to this day as an employee.  When his playing days were done, Colin spent two summers coaching Warriors teams.  Colin graduated from Columbia University in 2011.  He currently manages his indie-folk-rock band, A Thousand Years at Sea, and just released a second full-length album entitled, “The Stillness Here.”

Noah Jackson encouraged Colin to continue working with the First Base Foundation while pursuing his dream of being a touring musician.  Colin’s relationship with the First Base Foundation is integral to his success in the music world.  Most work places would not tolerate an employee who periodically takes off for weeks at a time to play shows up and down the West coast, or to teach at music camps around the country.  This flexibility is exactly what makes Colin’s relationship with the First Base Foundation so special – it exemplifies the First Base Foundation’s vision of helping young people to succeed.

Check out his new album here!


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