An Evening of Baseball with “FanGraphs” at 21st Amendment Brewery

What happens when you put a bunch of baseball geeks together at 21st Amendment Brewpub to discuss the finer points of the game and watch the MLB wildcard craziness unfold?  The First Base Foundation shows up in force.

FBF Founder, Noah Jackson, and Communications Chair, Eno Sarris, attended the gathering – hosted by FanGraphs, an online well of baseball knowledge – as experts on the game that baseball junkies from all around the bay area could come talk with.

Ground-breaking variations on the infield-fly-rule aside, the night was a huge success, and a great, baseball-nerdy time was had by all!


Here is a full list of the evening’s “Smartest Guys in the Room”:

Noah Jackson, MLB Scout and Founder – First Base Foundation
Eno Sarris
, FanGraphs Writer, RotoGraphs Editor
Wendy Thurm, FanGraphs Writer
Howard Bender, RotoGraphs Writer
Patrick Newman, NPB Tracker
Erik Malinowski, Freelance and Deadspin
Steve Berman, Bay Area Sports Guy
Scott Willis, Bay Area Sports Guy and Crazy Crabbers
Hannah Ehrlich, River Avenue Blues