Cal Berkeley Career Fair Shows True Excellence

Today we traveled from our offices in Mill Valley to the Cal Berkeley Summer Internship Fair. The storm outside was fierce, local streets were flooded and the blustery freeways felt dangerous and stressful. At several points in our eastward journey we wondered, “Is this seriously worth the trouble?” As we sat over wine and thumbed through the resumes and e-mails we collected, excited about the students and the possibilities of working with them, we decided the answer was a definite “YES!”
The recruiting event was well organized and the students we met were overwhelmingly enthusiastic and competent. The First Base Foundation left with a file full of resumes and several sheets of email addresses. We deeply connected with several people, and as a flexible and growing non-profit, we practically hired several people right then and there-we figure we can work out the logistics later this week.
UC Berkeley is an institution we hold close to our hearts, and we look forward to enriching our relationship as we move forward. We would like to thank UC Berkeley for the opportunity to meet so many of their incredible students, many of whom we hope to work and grow with. Weather permitting; we will definitely be back next year. Thanks again to the whole Cal Berkeley family, especially the Career Center for putting on such a great event!