Warriors White Summer Highlights

The California Warriors White Team went out with a bang on Saturday afternoon, crushing Berkeley Buzz to end their season on a high note. It was an action-packed, exciting game, and Coaches Beau and Gunnar kept it interesting by switching up the positions and giving all the student athletes the opportunity to play where they wanted.

The Warriors were aggressive at the plate and got on the board early in the top of the first inning. The leadoff hitter for the Warriors worked his way over to third base after a single and some aggressive base running. The next Warrior up walked, followed by a base hit to give the Warriors their first run. The biggest hit of the inning came from James Schoch who crushed a two-run double to right-center field. The Warriors added a fourth run in the inning with a sacrifice fly. Robbie Vanderlaan started the game on the bump for the Warriors, pitching five scoreless innings. He worked fast, and everything seemed to be working for him as he hit his spots and had great control. The Warriors offense picked up where they left of after a 1, 2, 3 first inning from Vanderlaan. A couple of walks, a stolen base, and a single loaded the bases for the Warriors, and a fielder’s choice followed by a hard-hit single manufactured three runs. After just two innings, the Warriors were up 7-0.

In the top of the fourth inning, the Warriors increased their lead to 12-0 with some timely hitting and patient at-bats. The following inning, James Schoch ripped another double that scored another run. From there, the Warriors cruised through the rest of the game and were in complete control. Will Coffey came in to relieve Vanderlaan and pitched three scoreless innings in his pitching debut. The Warriors continued to add to their huge lead and Timmy Stabler closed out the game with one solid inning of work on the mound.

Usually the game is seven innings, but on Saturday they got to keep the fun going and play nine innings. It was only fitting to play a regular-length game on the last day of the season. In two short months, the Warriors improved greatly as a team. Their maturation from a group of individuals to a single, well-oiled machine really showed on Saturday and was wonderful to see.

A look back on some of the individual highlights from Coach Gunnar:

  • Danny Avins: Played a great shortstop and improved his hitting skills.
  • Matthew Baker: Turned it around at the plate and had a great approach.
  • Davis Barkocy: Helped carry the team all year with his bat.
  • Jared Battat: Stepped it up at the plate and drove balls into the outfield.
  • Jack Baughman: Made great plays in right field and improved his approach to the game.
  • Nick Caravello: Caught many games and got better at blocking the ball behind the plate.
  • Neil Chin: Got the bat going and boosted his confidence.
  • Will Coffey: Started to swing the bat aggressively and drive the ball.
  • Alex Dugan: Great team player and improved in the field.
  • Jack Hubert: Improved his approach at the plate and became more aggressive.
  • Tom Jacobsen: Fired the team up with his aggressive mentality, especially on offense.
  • DJ Johnides: Started pitching on the mound with much more confidence.
  • Devon Parker: Led the team at the top of the lineup all year and was very hardworking.
  • Scott Petersen: Threat in the lineup and got a lot of big hits for us.
  • Jakob Puller: Improved in the field a lot and had much more confidence at bat.
  • Jake Rider: Pulled his weight on the mound and led us to numerous victories.
  • Alec Ritch: Excelled on the mound, in the field, and at the plate, showing his versatility.
  • James Schoch: Turned it around at the plate and started getting big hits into the outfield.
  • Spencer Smead: Held it down in the two-hole for the majority of the season.
  • Timmy Stabler: Improved his all-around game and became a force at the plate.
  • Ethan Terrell: Consistent hitter in the middle of the order and improved his approach.
  • Whit Urdan: Consistent starter on the mound and led the team at the top of the lineup.
  • Robbie Vanderlaan: Improved his approach and poise on the mound.
  • Tyler Warren: Became a force on the mound and was very effective.

Thanks to Coaches Beau and Gunnar for a great season and thanks to the student athletes for always giving it their best. Until next summer, go Warriors!!!

A Summer of Sabermetrics

Sabermetrics is a term originally coined by Bill James, a baseball writer, historian, and statistician who described it as “the search for objective knowledge about baseball.” Through careful analysis of very specific batting, fielding, and pitching statistics, sabermetric analysts are able to calculate optimal line-ups and develop strategies that maximize a team’s chances of winning. The central focus in the now-classic book and blockbuster movie, “Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game,” The Oakland Athletics organization has found great success utilizing Sabermetrics. Here at the First Base Foundation, we thrive being on baseball’s cutting edge, and have used Sabermetrics to generate wins all summer.

Interns, Connor Bruen and JP Nash – under the direction of First Base Foundation General Manager Noah Jackson – used the Warriors’ statistics in early July to create suggested line-ups for the California Warriors collegiate team. Here are a couple sample lineups from Connor and JP:

JP Nash’s Lineup & Analysis

Lead off: Merriwether, SS
Merriwether brings a very high OBP and has a good BB/K ratio. Then when he gets on base, he has a great speed and out of 10 attempts stealing, he has stolen 9 bases. This creates a high chance of getting the lead off hitter into scoring position. He has also been hot recently and so getting him up to the plate while he is still hot is important.

Second Spot: Karas, DH
Karas leads the team in many stats including RC, OPS, OBP, SLG, and ISOP. This made me wonder if he should go high up in the line up where he would get more ABs or in the 4th/5th spot where he will have a better chance of base runners in front of him. I decided that putting him second behind a great base runner that will be able to take advantage of Karas’ skills and give the team an early lead.

Third Spot: Jones, OF
The left-handed Jones will do well as a #3 hitter because he has a high OPS, and with his batting average at almost .400 he should be able to drive in the runners ahead of him. He has quite a few doubles so his strong bat should be able to score the speedy Karas and Merriwether. Another advantage of Jones this high up, is that he hasn’t hit into any double plays so far this season and therefore is unlikely to give the opposition a chance to get earlier hitters out.

Fourth Spot: Miguel, 3B
Miguel has a very good SLG and is a big threat to hit a ball deep for an extra-base hit or for a sacrifice to advance our base runners. He also has 8 stolen bases so has good speed and isn’t likely to clog the bases and creates scoring opportunities for following big hitters.

Fifth Spot: Snider OF
Snider is another big slugger. With 4 doubles, 4 Triples, and 2 Home Runs he has a very high RC and can knock in base runners from anywhere on the bases. He has 14 walks and 16 strikeouts so he does know how to battle and get the pitch count up. I think he should work well here and create a winning situation.

Sixth Spot: Leandro-Farr C
He hasn’t had too many at bats so far this season which is why I don’t have him higher in the line up but I have to respect his stat line and give him the start. He has a very good .433 batting average with a lot of power and will create runs.

Seventh Spot: Burke 1B
Burke is a great batter – his RC is an impressive 14.643 – but his BB/K rate is 13/3. This could be a sign of swinging too much or just not seeing the strike zone well, so when he turns this around, his great run-creating potential will help him climb back up the lineup.

Eighth Spot: Rabin 2B
Rabin is a strong hitter and can knock in runs and clear the bases at the end of the line up, as evidenced by his 0.891 OPS. Boosting his RC of 9.333 will move him up in the order.

Ninth Spot: Robinson OF
Robinson is a strong hitter and I have him last so that he has the chance to be on base for the top of the line up. He is very fast and won’t be clogging up the bases when Merriwether gets on right behind him. Even though he won’t have the opportunity to get as many at-bats, his high OBP will help create scoring opportunities. He doesn’t strike out often, and should do a good job of improvising ways to get home.

Connor Bruen’s Lineup & Analysis

Lead off: D. Karas, 3B
Leads the team in most categories. Has highest OBP (on-base percentage) on team and that’s important for a leadoff hitter. Has the highest RC (runs created) 21.490, which has the greatest correlation in runs scored per game. Can also be used as a DH. Highest OBP: 0.566, important as leadoff hitter. Also tied for second highest BB/PA (walks per plate appearance): .132. Will work count. Highest OPS (on-base plus slugging): 0.943 and highest SLG: (slugging): 0.929, ideally will lead off inning with extra base hit and advance on other balls in play. Highest ISO (isolated power): 0.452. BA (batting average): 0.476, BB/K (walks per strikeout): 1.400.

Second Spot: C. Snider, OF
Has second highest RC behind Karas. Leads team in K and BB but will work count and battle as a second hitter. Tied for second highest BB/PA: .132. Has the second highest RC: 19.621. BB/K ratio: .875. Fourth highest ISO: 0.202. BA: .326

Third Spot: C. Miguel , DH
Interchangeable at 3B and DH with Karas. Doesn’t walk or strikeout, therefore Miguel will put the ball in play. His outs will be productive. Third highest RC: 17.773. Very low K/AB: 0.069. Third highest ISO: 0.208, will move runners on base. OPS: 1.027, OBP: 0.430, SLG: 0.597, BA: 0.389. Doesn’t walk often but higher Batting Average helps his OBP.

Fourth Spot: B. Leandro-Farr, C
His high SLG and ISO show that he will move runners already on base. Has productive at-bats. His stats are best of catchers on the lineup. Second highest OPS: 1.027, OBP: 0.541, and SLG: 0.733. Second highest ISO: 0.300. Lowest K/AB: 0.067, second highest BB/K: 2.000. BB/PA: 0.108, BA: 0.433. RC: 11.000.

Fifth Spot: T. Jones, OF
Outfielders Jones and Robinson are very similar. Can be interchangeable in the lineup. F. Griffin would be my next outfielder of choice. Chose Jones over Robinson in lineup because he has a higher RC: 13.034 compared to 12.234. Other than that they are very similar. High BB/PA: 0.121. High RC: 13.034. OPS: 1.015, ISO: 0.157, BA:.392, BB/K: 1.000, SLG: 0.549, K/AB: 0.137.

Sixth Spot: K. Robinson, OF
Similar to Jones. Will get on base. Has highest BB/K on team: BB/K: 2.333, doesn’t strike out often. High RC: 12.234. K/AB is lowest in lineup: 0.053. Other stats: OPS: 0.944, BA: .386. Lowest ISO: 0.088 and SLG: 0.474.

Seventh Spot: C. Merriwether, SS
Not listed as SS but can move over easily from 2B. Has the best stats compared to any other 2B or SS. His RC: 11.607 has me batting him seventh. High BB/K: 1.333. Highest BB/PA: 0.133 in lineup. Will work count and reach base. Third highest OBP in lineup: .500. Other stats: OPS: 1.021, BA: .375, ISOP: 0.146.

Eighth Spot: R. Burke, 1B
Burke has a very high RC: 14.643, which gets him in the lineup. OPS: 0.881 and OBP: 0.375. K/AB: 0.16, BB/K: 0.231, BB/PA: 0.034.

Ninth Spot: K. Rabin, 2B
Has the best stats of 2nd basemen left in lineup. BB/K: 0.571. OPS: 0.891, RC: 9.333, LG: 0.480, ISO: 0.140. K/AB: 0.140

Warriors Collegiate Tops Alameda Merchants

Coming off an 7-game road stand in Colorado, the California Warriors Collegiate Team improved to 4-2 in-conference (10-7 overall) with a 5-1 victory over the Alameda Merchants. Explosive hitting provided support for dominant pitching, as 8 of the 9 Warriors in the starting lineup got hits with 5 of them collecting multiple on the day.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 12.24.04 PMStarting the day off for the Warriors on the mound at College of Alameda, Thomas Petersen (RHP, Riverside Community College) tossed 3 shutout frames and struck out 3 while allowing only 1 hit. Trevin Haseltine (RHP, UC Berkeley) came on in relief, and impressively punched out 6 batters in his 2+ innings of work, also allowing no runs. In the decisive victory, the Warriors pitching staff combined to allow only 5 hits and 1 run, striking out a total of 12 batters.

The Warriors’ 15-hit offensive attack was spread out across the lineup, lead by Cameron Merriwether (2B/SS, Sonoma State University) and Kailen Robinson (OF, Missouri Baptist University), each of whom racked up 3 hits and kept their batting averages over .400 for the season. Providing some offense out of the 9-hole and starting behind the dish, Tommy Beritzhoff (C/IF, College of Marin) went 2-for-4 with a triple, a run and an RBI. Cody Snider (OF, University of San Francisco) matched Beritzhoff’s day, also knocking 2 hits, scoring a run, and driving in an RBI.

Up next for the Warriors is the West Coast Kings at Marin Catholic High School at 5:00 PM on June 19th.

Warriors Open Colorado Road Trip

IMG_2505The Collegiate Warriors dropped a heart-breaker to the Arvada Colts in the opening game of their 7-game road trip in Colorado. In their first game of two against the Colts, the Warriors fell 4-2 behind a strong outing from lefty Mateo Fernandez (LHP, Napa Valley College). Fernandez was dominant on the bump, throwing 6 solid innings of 2-run ball and striking out 8 batters. Ryan Burke (1B, College of Marin) backed Mateo’s performance with a great day at the plate, going 3-4 with a double and an RBI.

The Colts rallied in the 8th inning to score the 2 go-ahead runs, but their victory was far from a sure thing. In the 9th inning, the Warriors loaded the bases, threatening to take the game back in exciting fashion. The game ended with a double play, finally putting the Warriors’ hopes of climbing back into the lead to rest.

The Warriors Collegiate Team takes on the Arvada Colts again tonight, hoping to bounce back for their first win of the Colorado trip. The loss brings the Warriors to 6-3 on the season, and they remain in 2nd place in the Golden State Collegiate Baseball League with a 3-1 league record.

Check out the rest of the Collegiate Warriors summer schedule HERE.

Gold Team Runs Table at 1st Class Baseball Tournament

The Warriors Gold Team emerged victorious at the First Class Baseball Tournament this weekend, shutting down the competition through 4 games. Zach Avila started game one and pitched into the 5th when he was replaced by Chad Johnstone with the team down by a score of 6-2. The Warriors pulled it together late in the game and came back to score 5 unanswered runs, fueled by Marcus Chui, Parker Laret, and Casey Wallace. Justin Kaull brought the Warriors out on top with the go-ahead hit to make it 7-6, and Dom Burke came in to collect the save.

GoldChampionsGame two starver, Bennett Keane, benefitted from an early lead that the Warriors Gold would sustain until Dom Burke came in to get his second save, giving the Warriors a 7-6 win. Justin Kaull led off the game with a triple and scored 3 runs while going 2-2, and Casey Wallace went 2-3 with 2 doubles, 1 run scored, and 2 stolen bases. In these two games, Casey Wallace, the shortstop from Pinole Valley HS was 6-7 with 4 doubles and 4 stolen bases. Jake Horan also had a well-played game, showcasing great defense, getting a hit, and coming around to score.

In the semi-final game, Damien White threw an 80-pitch one-hitter, and the Warriors Gold won by a final score of 2-0. Christian Merriwether had a terrific game, scoring two runs, hitting a triple, and playing stellar defense in the outfield. Marcus Chui knocked in the first run, Kobi Allen also hit a triple, and Zack Avila roped a single and made some solid plays in the field.

By winning the first three games, the Warriors Gold Team qualified for the First Class Baseball Tournament Championship Game. Jonathan Christy was on the hill for the Warriors, and dominated the game by throwing a complete game 3-hit shutout. The Warriors plated their lone run in the first inning with two outs, which proved to be enough support for Christy’s unbeatable day on the mound. Christy was backed by another triple from Merriweather, a good day at the plate from Horan (who also threw 2 runners out), and Kale Leach, who played like spiderman out in the field – anything close he gets it – and also collected the championship game winning hit.

Congratulations to the Warriors Gold Team, for being the First Class Baseball Tournament Champions! This victory qualified the Warriors Gold for the American Amateur Baseball Congress World Series!

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Warrriors even record with a 7-1 win over Pearl

LadrechThe California Warriors (1-1) captured their first win of the season with an outstanding effort vs the Neptune Beach Pearl.

Dennis Karas had an enormous day at the plate, collecting three hits, driving in two and scoring three times. Karas got the Warriors on the board early with an rbi triple in the first and followed that with a solo homer in the 5th.

Tommy Beritzhoff and Ryan Burke also added solo homers of their own in the 2nd and 4th innings.

Matt Ladrech had an impressive outing giving up just one hit and striking out five during his five innings of work.

The Warriors will head to Reno this week to start their GSCBL slate.

Collegiate Highlight – Pitchers

tpetersonThe Warriors start their 2014 summer season today against the Solano Mudcats at 1:00 PM at Marin Catholic High School, and will play their road-opener against the Neptune Beach Pearl tomorrow at 5:00 PM at Laney College. The Collegiate Warriors are bringing back a strong pitching corp this year from their 2013 stable; there will be eight pitchers returning, highlighted by right-handed hurler, Thomas Peterson. Peterson led the 2013 pitching staff with 6 Wins, was awarded the California Warriors “Pitcher of the Year Award,” and was named to the Far West League All-Star Team.

barronThe pitching staff is expected to be strength of the Warriors team this year, building off an impressive 2013 season. Also returning to the bump for the Warriors this year will be rotation-mainstays Alex Fernandez (LHP/OF, Napa Valley College), Taylor Toccalino (RHP, Sonoma), Jake Barron (RHP, Upper Iowa), and Alex Martinez (RHP, CAL). Closing out games once again this summer will be Michael Peterson (RHP, Riverside College).

Collegiate Highlight – Position Players

The California Warriors are kicking off the 2014 summer season on Saturday, May 31st. This summer, the Warriors are bringing in a big group of new position players for the 2014 summer; there are only 5 returners from the 2013 squad. The Warriors collegiate veterans are Bryan Bostjancic (SS, College of Marin), Cam Merriwether (Middle-Infielder, Sonoma State University), Ryan Burke (1B, College of Marin), Kailen Robinson (OF, Missouri Baptist commit), and Brooks Leandro-Farr (C, Chico State).

robinsonfieldThe rebuilt offense will consist of a mix of local players, some of whom have played with Warriors teams in the past.Expect big contributions this summer from Sam Clark (3B, Bucknell – currently competing in the NCAA Regionals), Cody Snider (OF, USF), and Justin Gubser (C, Purdue University commit).

The California Warriors are looking to build on a strong 2013 season and have a long road of games ahead. They open at home against the Solano Mudcats (5/31, 1:00 PM, Marin Catholic HS) and on the road against the Neptune Beach Pearl (6/1, 5:00 PM, Laney College).

CLICK HERE for full schedule.

Collegiate Team Preseason Spotlight

CollegiatePreSeasonIn the upcoming 2014 summer baseball season, the California Warriors Collegiate Team will compete as part of the elite Golden State Collegiate Baseball League. Alongside their league games this summer, the Collegiate Team will travel to Colorado to face off against the top-tier talent in the Denver/Boulder area. Not including the league playoffs at the end of the summer, the Warriors Collegiate will be playing a challenging 57 games this summer.

The Collegiate Warriors will be led by First Base Foundation co-founder and Head Coach, Noah Jackson, who will be backed by former San Francisco Giant & Seattle Mariner, Jesse Foppert (Pitching Coach), Joe Slater (Assistant Coach – played professionally in Germany), Greg Gonzalez (Assistant Coach – drafted by the San Diego Padres), and Austin Booker (Assistant Coach – drafted by the Oakland Athletics).

Visit the Collegiate Team page HERE for travel information, the full schedule, and everything else you need to know for the summer season.