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Eno Sarris Joins Baseball Writers Association of America!

December 5, 2012 | 0 Comments

The First Base Foundation & California Warriors would like to congratulate our Communications Chair, Eno Sarris, on being admitted to the Baseball Writers Association of America!

Eno has been making waves in the sportswriting community of late – he is an editor and a senior writer for FanGraphs, a fount of baseball statistics and analysis, and has been published in such prestigious publications as ESPN The Magazine and USA Today.  His inclusion in the BBWAA is a testament to the quality of his writing in both content and style, and is sure to herald more great developments in the future!

The Baseball Writers Association of America was founded in 1908 (yes, over 100 years ago) to promote good working conditions in press boxes and clubhouses, and to ensure that its members provide accurate, fair, and quality reporting through access to players and others involved in the game. Members of today’s BBWAA have a few more responsibilities that go beyond being great sportswriters: they are the electorate for some of MLB’s top honors, including the Cy Young Award, MVP, Rookie of the Year, Manager of the Year, and perhaps most importantly, induction into Cooperstown.  On this year’s National Baseball Hall of Fame ballot, BBWAA members with ten consecutive seasons or more of membership are grappling with the very controversial trio of Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Sammy Sosa.

Eno’s ascent into the ranks of such as storied association as BBWAA is exciting for everyone at the First Base Foundation, and we look forward to more great things to come!

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