Kern's Korner: Devon Zenn @ COM

John Kern

On a hot Saturday in February, College of Marin played its second game of the season against Hartnell. College of Marin started out very well, scoring two runs in their part of the first half.  Both pitchers were throwing in the high eighties, but Hartnell’s pitcher did not seem to have much control.  He threw many balls.  Hartnell countered with two runs of their own, but it was all downhill from there.  Devon Zenn produced two big hits, providing momentum to College of Marin. I ended up leaving in the seventh inning, but College of Marin was winning seven to two.  College of Marin’s pitching was clearly superior to Hartnell’s, but neither team hit a home run.  There were about forty people in the stands, watching a game dominated by singles.  I learned while watching this game that runners on second did not usually score on a single, unlike the MLB, where the runners on second usually score.  Overall, College of Marin looked like a better team than Hartnell, dominating throughout the whole game, and finally winning, 10-3.