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More California Warriors Players Named to All-League Teams

June 1, 2017 | 0 Comments

In addition to the California Warriors players and alumni who made the All-MCAL teams, we have a handful more players who earned similar honors in their respective leagues. Here are the players who were awarded all-league honors:

  • Sawyer Whitney – 1st Team All-TCAL
  • Charley Moore – 1st Team All-BCL
  • John Green – 1st Team All-NBL
  • Hance Smith – 1st Team All-NBL
  • Bradley Smith – 1st Team All-SCL
  • Martin Cole – 1st Team All-WCAL
  • Caden Cortese – 1st Team All-MEL
  • Ben Somorjai – 1st Team All-PAL
  • Chris Giles – 2nd Team All-WACC
  • Quinton Gago – 2nd Team All-NBL
  • Matthew Calhoun – Honorable Mention All-WCAL