Tuition Assistance Scholarship Fund

The First Base Foundation makes playing baseball more affordable by providing tuition assistance to student athletes who play for the California Warriors Baseball Program. 100% of money raised for the Scholarship Fund goes to California Warriors student athletes.

The Reasons:

  • A more diverse group of student athletes have the opportunity to be seen by college coaches
  • Receive high-quality coaching and face high-level competition
  • By having a diverse group of participants, players self-evaluate and improve baseball skills
  • Experience a cross-cultural, multi-ethnic baseball program with a diverse coaching staff

The Results:

  • 30% of California Warriors receive financial assistance for Player Tuition
  • 100% of California Warriors alumni attend college
  • To see where California Warriors are currently playing in college, working in MLB, and playing in MiLB, go to the California Warriors Alumni page

Coach Development Program

Click here for the bios of the 2020 California Warriors coaching staff.

The goal of the Coach Development Program (CDP) is to train California Warriors alumni in the important leadership and interpersonal communication skills that will help them successfully coach at the high school and college level. We recognize the importance of training future community leaders. We accomplish this by:

  • Creating a curriculum
  • Providing Assistant Coach opportunities
  • Providing work experience
  • Mentoring & training from our Director of Baseball Operations
  • Preseason training
  • Training in technology related to the job

The Coach Development Program is a paid opportunity with a proven track record. California Warriors Alumni are well-represented as coaches and staff in baseball organizations across the country at the high school, college, and professional levels. Some of the programs that have or currently feature former California Warriors as coaches and staff include UC Berkeley, Santa Clara University, College of Marin, University of San Francisco, University of the Pacific, St. Edward’s University, Academy of Art University, to name a few. To see more, go to our alumni page.

If you are interested in participating in the Coach Development Program, fill out this form and we will be in touch.