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We’re Looking for the Best!

February 10, 2012 | 0 Comments

Roll Call! Have you ever wanted to understand the behind-the-scenes magic that supports on-field baseball players? Do you see yourself as working in a professional sports organization? If so, this is the opportunity for you! We run a multifaceted internship program, which is designed to integrate our organization into the community through our sports teams and our dynamic internship program.

Please take a look at our great opportunities below! If you are interested in applying to be one of our wonderful 2012 summer interns, please send a cover letter and resume to our Intern Coordinator at loughstevens.maddy@gmail.com.

Are you a natural people person? Our Community Relations Manager Internship is perfect for you! Come learn how we interact with our community and patrons, and help us increase our fan base through personal contact with local businesses. Strong inter-personal communication skills will be a necessity for this position, so if you are an extrovert, consider applying straight away!

Ever considered being a Scorekeeper? Come be ours! Keeping score in a scorebook at our baseball games is a detailed system that allows those who read it to understand exactly how the game unfolded, and how each player performed. You will work in close contact with our Statistician and our Scouting interns, and gain valuable insight into the mechanics of the game!

Are you interested in Statistics? Our Statistician internship is a great opportunity to utilize those boring classroom skills in a practical way! You will attend games, learn how to prepare statistical summary reports of those games, and use GameChanger to keep our fans updated while the game is happening!

Are you a Social Media Guru? We have a great Social Media internship, where you can Facebook, Twitter, and Blog to your heart’s content! We are really looking to expand our social media presence online, so your job will be both fun and important for the growth of our organization. Good communication skills and the ability to blog incessantly are a must!

Photography, Videography, and Editing Whiz? Boy, do we have a great opportunity for you! We want someone who is ready to get into the action at the baseball games and record it all! Create, produce, and edit your own Youtube videos, create collages of the players, and don’t be afraid to get creative!

Are you interested in being a professional Scout? This position will involve traveling and attending games, and working with a professional scout who will teach you how to evaluate the skills of baseball players. This is wonderful behind-the-scenes access for anyone who is interested in working in baseball!

Do you dream of being a Journalist? Do you do any Sports Blogging? If so, our Media Outreach Internship could be for you! We are always looking to expand our client base, and positive journalism is one of the best ways to get the word out. We expect you to be a strong writer, and fearless when it comes to getting articles published in our local publications. Don’t be afraid to be creative!

Are you a natural organizer? Our Office Assistant Internship could be right up your alley! You would be involved with the day-today operations of our organization, so we are looking for someone with strong organizational skills who has the ability to be versatile, as your duties will vary depending on the project of the day.

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