Tuition Assistance / Scholarships

The First Base Foundation makes playing baseball more affordable by providing Tuition Assistance Scholarships to student athletes who play for the California Warriors Baseball Program. 100% of money raised goes to California Warriors student athletes. With your support, we have created a high-caliber baseball program during Fall, Summer, and Winter that includes many high school student athletes from under-resourced and underrepresented backgrounds.

The Reasons:

  • Under resourced and underrepresented student athletes have the opportunity to be seen by college coaches
  • Provided California Warriors student athletes with the opportunity to compete in showcase tournaments
  • Promote diversity in baseball among those playing, those coaching, and those working in front office positions
  • Award Tuition Assistance to all families for whom financial barriers would otherwise prevent a baseball player from taking the field

The Results:

  • Awarded a greater dollar amount of Tuition Assistance than ever before in 2023
  • 100% of California Warriors alumni attend college, many play college baseball
  • A greater understanding of the game of baseball
  • Participated with the Giants Community Fund on an Academy Program to strengthen the San Francisco youth baseball community
  • Go to the California Warriors Alumni page to see our success stories

Coach Development Program

Click here for the bios of the 2023 California Warriors coaching staff.

The Coach Development Program is a PAID opportunity with a proven track record. The goal of the Coach Development Program (CDP) is to train California Warriors alumni in the important leadership, interpersonal communication, and baseball skills that will help them get a coaching position at the high school and college level. We recognize the importance of training future community leaders. We accomplish this by:

  • Creating a curriculum
  • Providing paid Assistant Coach opportunities
  • Mentoring & training from experienced coaches
  • Instruction on how to build and manage rosters
  • Takes place in May before the summer season
  • How to develop leadership and a winning attitude
  • Communication with parents
  • Training in technology related to the job

California Warriors Alumni are well-represented as coaches and staff in baseball organizations across the country at the high school, college, and professional levels. Some of the programs that have or currently feature former California Warriors as coaches and staff include UC Berkeley, Santa Clara University, College of Marin, University of San Francisco, University of the Pacific, St. Edward’s University, Academy of Art University, to name a few. To see more, go to our alumni page.

If you are interested in coaching for us during the summer, fill out this form.

Guest Speaker Series

Click here for guest speaker bios.

The First Base Foundation – California Warriors is proud to have established a Guest Speaker Series with the goal of broadening our impact on and off the field. FBF carefully curates a lineup of California Warriors alumni, college baseball coaches, mental health experts, college baseball recruitment specialists, sports journalists, financial literacy experts, and more who speak at California Warriors baseball games where they share their expertise with the student-athletes and families in attendance.

Not only do these top-tier experts speak to the California Warriors players, but all other teams, coaches, and families at the field are invited to participate in the presentations so that the broader baseball community can benefit from the powerful messages the speakers have to share.

Careers in Baseball Internship Program

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The Careers in Baseball Internship Program (CBIP) is a paid, supervised training program where students can gain experience working in the front office of a professional sports organization. It runs during our baseball season (June, July and early August). Applicants must be entering their Junior or Senior year in High School or be attending college in order to qualify for the Careers in Baseball Internship Program. This program provides meaningful work experience for anyone with talent and motivation. It is a supportive, flexible, comprehensive and exciting program. Since its inception, the First Base Foundation has given opportunities to dozens of CBIP participants. Many have gone on to get jobs with professional sports organizations.

Jobs & Job Descriptions:

  • Sports Journalism: You will be responsible for writing articles about our various teams and their games throughout the summer, as well as editorial blog posts that are informative and baseball-related. These articles will be posted on the website and on our various social media accounts. You must have an interest in baseball and sports writing, and must attend a number of California Warriors games throughout the summer to interview players, take photos, and take video. You will also be responsible for editing video in the office to post on the website and on social media.
  • Social Media Marketing: You will be responsible for helping create content for the First Base Foundation-California Warriors social media accounts. This can range from photos to video interviews to going live from games, and more. You will need to attend a number of California Warriors games to get content, and will work throughout the summer with the Sports Journalist at the FBF office to develop a strategy (and adjust it over the summer) so you know what content you need to capture. Candidates must be familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Constant Contact.
  • Front Office Administration: You will work in the FBF office as an assistant to the Executive Director and Communications Director. You will learn how to use WordPress, PhotoShop, TeamSnap, and Salesforce and help the front office support our 4 baseball teams.

If you are interested in participating in the Careers in Baseball Internship Program, fill out this form and we will be in touch.

Financial Literacy

In partnership with 5 Buckets Foundation, we are excited to be offering presentations on financial literacy to the players and parents who participate in our programs. Absorbing and implementing this knowledge is critical for young people to build a strong foundation for their future, and we are grateful to 5 Buckets for sharing their expertise!

Organizing a Free Summer of Baseball

Read on to learn how FBF-CW used our experience to support youth baseball players in San Francisco!

Using our many years of expertise and experience, the First Base Foundation partnered with the Giants Community Fund in 2022-2023 to create a free summer of baseball for high school students in San Francisco. This program, called the “Academy Team,” targeted under-resourced and underrepresented students with the goals of increasing awareness of the game and providing additional opportunities to play. Participant interest was high, and together FBF and the Giants Community Fund fielded eight teams who played once a week on Saturdays and had weekly practices. The free summer of baseball was a positive and accessible opportunity for San Francisco youth to build teamwork, camaraderie, develop leadership skills, and be more prepared to make their high school teams. Players throughout San Francisco neighborhoods met one another and built new friendships that will continue beyond their time on the field together. Many participants of this program are currently playing for the California Warriors!

We are proud to have trained and initiated the Giants Community Fund staff in this partnership, and are pleased that the Academy Program is continuing to build community through baseball in San Francisco!