Jackson Smith

California Warriors Alum & Tampa Bay Rays Scout

I met Noah Jackson in the summer of 2012, and ever since that day in Long Beach our bond and my love for him as a mentor, friend and brother has only grown deeper. What truly sets NJ apart from the rest is not his shoe game, quality banter or shared love for the game of baseball. It’s the passion he has for helping others achieve their goals and major milestones on and off the field. Noah is a go-getter and leader who knows how to set his sights high, with a clear vision and knack for execution. To put it simply the world is a better place with him in it. My grandma use to tell me “you are the sum of the people you keep in your circle”…and all I can say is my circle is better because I have you in it Noah.

The Olympic Club Foundation

First Base Foundation Sponsor

The First Base Foundation is a fantastic baseball program for young athletes. The Olympic Club Foundation is proud to support this youth sports program dedicated to making travel baseball more affordable and transforming lives through positive mentorship, developing leadership skills, and building self-esteem. [It is] an excellent opportunity to grow into a future community leader and play baseball with good people!

Devin Pearson

UC Berkeley Graduate & Boston Red Sox Front Office Employee

It’s the best summer traveling team experience I’ve ever had, playing for this Foundation…what they do for kids education-wise, playing-wise, and helping them for their future is an opportunity a lot of kids don’t get, so I’m very thankful that I was a part of the California Warriors.

Colby Morris

Middlebury College Graduate

The coaches’ knowledge of baseball has simply made me a better player. They kept me on track to play college baseball throughout my high school career; playing for the Warriors was an invaluable part of my development as a student-athlete.

O’Koyea Dickson

Sonoma State Graduate & Former Los Angeles Dodgers Player

I was the only person in my family to go to college, and I am blessed that Noah and the California Warriors pushed me to work harder and reach higher. I’m a successful and educated athlete now, and it all began with the California Warriors.

California Warriors Parents

  • I have always admired the work the First Base Foundation does in helping young people to strive to reach their goals and dreams. I strongly believe in their approach to youth baseball and the benefits sports provide to our youth and the community. During the years which [our son] was playing our family was going through a tough stretch financially and the First Base Foundation never hesitated to accommodate us. It is extremely difficult to ask for financial assistance and we appreciate the manner which it was handled on your end. For all these reasons we will continue to support the organization whenever possible!
  • Your communications are terrific, it’s great to see such a professional operation in youth baseball.
  • Thank you for a great summer and for making it possible for us to be a part of the California Warriors family. Without the financial aid, we wouldn’t have been able to make it work.

Mitch Delfino

San Francisco Giants Minor League Player & UC Berkeley Student Athlete

The First Base Foundation and the California Warriors turned my life around. They helped me see that college was a real possibility for me that I could work towards achieving. I wouldn’t be a professional athlete, playing the game that I love every day, without their guidance and resources.

A Former California Warriors Student Athlete

Receiving a scholarship from the First Base Foundation to play baseball for the California Warriors opened up a world of opportunity for me. Playing and being mentored at a high level improved both my skills and my understanding of the game. Having this experience and exposure inspired me to achieve my dreams of playing Division I baseball in college. None of this would have been possible without the financial assistance awarded to me by the First Base Foundation.