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27 California Warriors Alumni Earn All-League Selections

May 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

California Warriors players have excelled this season in their respective leagues all around the Bay Area. Congratulations to the twenty-five California Warriors who have represented their schools and the California Warriors with All-League selections!

High School All-League Honors

Dylan Pottgeiser (2018) EBAL Honorable Mention Pitcher
Mackie Skall (2018) Redwood: MCAL Honorable Mention, Catcher
Isaac Woldt (2018) El Cerrito: TCAL 1st Team, Catcher
Matt Calhoun (2018) Archbishop Riordan: WCAL Honorable Mention, INF
Marty Cole (2018) SHC: WCAL 2nd Team, INF
Brandon Greim (2018) Dublin: EBAL 1st Team, INF
Chris Giles (2018) San Lorenzo: WACC 1st Team, OF
Tyler Quintanilla (2018) Summit Shasta MVP
Teddie Hoxie (2018) Miramonte: DVAL Honorable Mention
Alec Ritch (2018) Branson: MCAL 1st Team, Pitcher and 2nd Team, OF
Jason Pridy (2018) Napa: MEL 1st Team, OF
Jack Dietz (2018) Gaileo: AAA 1st Team
CJ Pino (2019) Mission: AAA 1st Team
Jack Gallagher (2019) Petaluma: SCL 1st Team, OF
Trent Free (2019) St. Vincent: NCL-II 1st Team, INF
Danny Hinderliter (2019) SHC: WCAL Honorable Mention
Gave Leary (2019) Drake: MCAL 1st Team, INF
Deven Irwin (2019) Pinole Valley: TCAL 2nd Team, OF
Keith Whitaker (2019) De Anza: TCAL 2nd team, OF
Will Cohen (2019) Mission: AAA 2nd Team
Peter Coholan (2019) Bay School: BCL-Central 1st Team
Carter Duncan (2020) Ukiah: NBL Honorable Mention, P
Josh Franks (2020) San Marin: MCAL 1st Team, OF
Derrick Robinson Jr. (2020) Jesse Bethel: SCAC 2nd Team
Giovanni Antonini (2020) St. Vincent: NCL-II 1st Team
Keshawn Ogans (2019) SHC: WCAL 1st Team, OF
Zach Mathews (2020) Bay School: BCL-Central 1st Team, INF